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Viewers will not have time to wade through too many technical details, so only your general approach is needed. Give your audience an idea about your motivation for this project.What real-world problems or questions prompted you to undertake this project?In some disciplines, this information appears in the background or rationale section of a paper.

Viewers will not have time to wade through too many technical details, so only your general approach is needed. Give your audience an idea about your motivation for this project.

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You need to stop worrying about your Master thesis abstract if you are not done yet with your thesis at least 80%.

You abstract is just a quick snapshot of your thesis and I would not worry about it now unless you’re more than half way through.

This audience will be less interested in the specific details and more interested in the what and why of your project—that is, your broader motivations for the project and its impact on their own lives. One of the biggest pitfalls of poster presentations is filling your poster with so much text that it overwhelms your viewers and makes it difficult for them to tell which points are the most important.

Viewers should be able to skim the poster from several feet away and easily make out the most significant points.

This type of audience will probably most interested in clear, specific accounts of the what and the how of your project.

Assigned Task - Thesis Abstract Writing

If you are presenting in a setting where some audience members may not be as familiar with your area of study, you will need to explain more about the specific debates that are current in your field and to define any technical terms you use.

Abstract can be written in 5 minutes but it is the most precise-to-the point part of your thesis. If you write your ‘abstract’ in the beginning or in the middle of your thesis writing, I guarantee you that it will be aimlessly rewritten as many more times as you would not otherwise.

In some 10-15 lines you need to convey the whole ‘truth’ of your thesis. And the point is not that you should not rewrite things but you should use your resources and skills more wisely.

In general, you will need to simplify your wording.

Long, complex sentences are difficult for viewers to absorb and may cause them to move on to the next poster.


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