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The listing includes the name of the author, the subject field, the name of the supervisors and the title, from which an abstract in German and, in the case of more recent diplomas, English can be obtained. Projects are listed by date; information includes an abstract and a image of the poster which can be enlarged and downloaded, or a downloadable PDF. University of Amsterdam (Uv A), Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Students of the four-year training programme in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Amsterdam complete the Masters’ phase with an MA thesis at the end of their second year.

Most MA theses are available from Uv A Scripties Online and can also be found here: https://nl/en/discipline/conservation-and-restoration/education/...

Preprint: An article that has not been through the peer review process yet. Postprint: An article that has been peer reviewed and accepted by a publisher for printing.

Search the Institutional Repositories of the seven Irish University Libraries and some Io Ts.

It currently contains journal articles, monographs, book chapters, conference papers, conference proceedings, exhibitions, video, audio, images, websites, and selected post-graduate theses, but no student work apart fron approved Ph D theses.

It is also able to manage software, datasets, workshop presentations, and patents.Information is given on whether theses are available for download directly, through the institution or, if on paper, can be digitised (possibly at a cost) This is a Jisc service, enabling searching of about 90 UK and Irish national, academic and specialist library catalogues – Jisc is a not for profit organisation for digital services for the UK higher education, further education and skills sectors.Searching can be by keywords in the title as well as authors and includes Ph D theses where these are available.More recent holdings (added since 1992) can be searched on line; older material must be searched within the library.A list of Ph D theses completed in the last five years or so, including those undertaken in the Technology and Conservation and Wall Painting Departments, is available on line. Hamilton Kerr Institute, Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge Projects produced by students during their third and final year, printed and bound by the Institute, may be consulted by appointment.The e-publications page gives access to information on electronic publications in the field of cultural conservation, including Ph D theses; the link to theses allows further searches can be made.Results can be sorted by material or topic, by author, institution and, within that, whether or not the full text is available and the language. spra=englisch Association of North American Graduate Programs in the Conservation of Cultural Property, ANAGPIC ANAGPIC works to strengthen and advance graduate-level education and training in art and heritage conservation.Open Doar Open Doar is a directory of repositories and their contents.Openaire This has superseded Driver as a European Portal of Digital Repositories for scientific output.The repository can be searched under several headings, including creator and subject.This will bring up a list of items and further information when an item is selected.


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