Thesis English Language Learners

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Ketcham PDF Let's enjoy teaching life: an autoethnography of a novice ESL teacher's two years of teaching English in a private girls' secondary school in Japan, Danielle Nozaka PDF Developing an ESP curriculum on tourism and agribusiness for a rural school in Nicaragua: a retrospective diary, Stan Pichinevskiy PDF A Literacy Narrative of a Female Saudi English Teacher and A Qualitative Case Study: 12 Multilingual Writers Identify Challenges and Benefits of Daily Writing in a College Composition Class, Ghassoon Rezzig PDF Proposed: Technical Communicators Collaborating with Educators to Develop a Better EFL Curriculum for Ecuadorian Universities, Daniel Jack Williamson PDF BELL HOOKS’ “ENACTMENT OF NON-DOMINATION” IN THE “PRACTICE OF SPEAKING IN A LOVING AND CARING MANNER”: AN AUTOETHNOGRAPHY OF A SAUDI “WIDOW’S SON”, Braik Aldoshan PDF WHEN SPIRITUALITY AND PEDAGOGY COLLIDE: ACKNOWLEDGING RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND VALUES IN THE ESL CLASSROOM, Carli T.

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Bentley PDF A Corpus-Based Analysis of Russian Word Order Patterns, Stephanie Kay Billings PDF English to ASL Gloss Machine Translation, Mary Elizabeth Bonham PDF The Development of an ESP Vocabulary Study Guidefor the Utah State Driver Handbook, Kirsten M.

Brown PDF A Motivational, Online Guide to Help English Language Learners with the Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of their Individual Pronunciation Improvement Plans, Sofia Laura Carreno Galdame PDF Teaching Practice and Motivation Among Albanian and Japanese Missionaries, Rebekah Susan Hoopes PDF The Language and Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Deception, Brent Logan Laing PDF The Role of Pronunciation in Speaking Test Ratings, Rui Ma PDF A Diachronic Analysis of North and South Korean Monophthongs: Vowel Shifts on the Korean Peninsula, Jessica M.

, Candice April Flowers PDF Cultural Differences in Russian and English Magazine Advertising: A Pragmatic Approach, Emily Kay Furner PDF An Analysis of Rehearsed Speech Characteristics on the Oral Proficiency Interview—Computer (OPIc), Gwyneth Elaine Gates PDF Second Language Semantic Retrieval in the Bilingual Mind: The Case of Korean-English Expert Bilinguals, Janice Si-Man Lam PDF Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Korean Heritage-Speaking Interpreter, Yoonjoo Lee PDF Applying the Developmental Path of English Negation to the Automated Scoring of Learner Essays, Allen Travis Moore PDF Performance Self-Appraisal Calibration of ESL Students on a Proficiency Reading Test, Jodi Mikolajcik Petersen PDF Switch-Reference in Pastaza Kichwa, Alexander Harrison Rice PDF The Effects of Metacognitive Listening Strategy Instruction on ESL Learners' Listening Motivation, Corbin Kalanikiakahi Rivera PDF Rubric Rating with MFRM vs.

Randomly Distributed Comparative Judgment: A Comparison of Two Approaches to Second-Language Writing Assessment, Maureen Estelle Sims PDF Investigating the Perception of Identity Shift in Trilingual Speakers: A Case Study, Elena Vasilachi PDF Preparing Non-Native English Speakers for the Mathematical Vocabulary in the GRE and GMAT, Irina Mikhailovna Baskova PDF Eye Behavior While Reading Words of Sanskrit and Urdu Origin in Hindi, Tahira Carroll PDF An Acoustical Analysis of the American English /l, r/ Contrast as Produced by Adult Japanese Learners of English Incorporating Word Position and Task Type, Braden Paul Chase Quizlet Flashcards for the First 500 Words of the Academic Vocabulary List, Emily R.

Nielsen PDF Taking the "Foreign" Out of the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale, Jared Benjamin Sell PDF Creole Genesis and Universality: Case, Word Order, and Agreement, Gerald Taylor Snow PDF Idioms or Open Choice?

Carter PDF A Longitudinal Analysis of Adult ESL Speakers' Oral Fluency Gains, Kostiantyn Fesenko PDF Rethinking Vocabulary Size Tests: Frequency Versus Item Difficulty, Brett James Hashimoto PDF The Onomatopoeic Ideophone-Gesture Relationship in Pastaza Quichua, Sarah Ann Hatton PDF A Hybrid Approach to Cross-Linguistic Tokenization: Morphology with Statistics, Logan R.

”: An action research proposal of culturally responsive teaching for critical literacy in democratic education, Natalie Marie Giles PDF Stylistic imitation as an English-teaching technique : pre-service teachers’ responses to training and practice, Min Yi Liang PDF Telling stories and contextualizing lived experiences in the Cuban heritage language and culture: an autoethnography about transculturation, Tatiana Senechal PDF “This is the oppressor’s language, yet I need it to talk to you”: a critical examination of translanguaging in Russian speakers at the university level, Nora Vralsted PDF Multimodal Approaches to Literacy and Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University Level, Ghader Alahmadi PDF Educating Saudi Women through Communicative Language Teaching: A Bi-literacy Narrative and An Autoethnography of a Saudi English Teacher, Eiman Alamri PDF The value of journaling on multimodal materials: a literacy narrative and autoethnography of an experienced Saudi high school English teacher, Ibrahim Alamri PDF Strategic Contemplation as One Saudi Mother’s Way Of Reflecting on Her Children’s Learning Only English in the United States: An Autoethnography and Multiple Case Study of Multilingual Writers at the College Level, Razan Alansari PDF “If you wanted me to speak your language then you should have stayed in your country”: a critical ethnography of linguistic identity and resiliency in the life of an Afghan refugee, Logan M.

Amstadter PDF Comparing literate and oral cultures with a view to improving understanding of students from oral traditions: an autoethnographic approach, Carol Lee Anderson PDF Practical recommendations for composition instructors based on a review of the literature surrounding ESL and identity, Patrick Cornwall PDF One size does not fit all: exploring online-language-learning challenges and benefits for advanced English Language Learners, Renee Kenney PDF Understanding the potential effects of trauma on refugees’ language learning processes, Charis E.




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