Thesis Leadership Styles

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The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of different leadership stylesautocratic, democratic, and participative style- on employee performance.

The objectives that guided the study were; to investigate the effect of autocratic leadership styles affect employee performance, to investigate the effect of democratic leadership styles on performance and to analyze the effect of participative leadership styles on employee performance in an organization.

It is very clear that deans of nursing institutes need to adopt transformational-transactional leadership styles to overcome continuous challenges, satisfy the nursing faculty and boost organizational productivity.

Hence, the role of the nursing dean in Oman has to be built on transformational leadership, with a focus on collaboration by adopting a distributive stance (distributed leadership) that focuses on learning.

This was an insider research project with the researcher being a nursing dean; however certain measures were taken to ensure validity and reliability of the study.

Method and conclusion: The study involved 147 lecturers and 7 leaders from various nursing institutes in Oman.

Aim and background: this study investigates faculty members’ perceptions of the impact of Impact of the leadership styles of nursing deans on the job satisfaction of faculty members working in nursing education in Oman.

Nursing education in Oman currently is going through a major transformation, with the appointment of new deans, the introduction of an accreditation process, and the upgrading of the nursing diploma to a Bachelor’s degree program in all governmental nursing institutions.

The transformational leadership style emerged as the preferred style to ensure faculty satisfaction and maintain productivity levels in demanding times; however, the deans also used a transactional leadership style for specific tasks.

Implications: Management roles in health care education are very demanding, thorough preparation is required for the dean’s role and its associated tasks in order to develop and sustain a transformational style.


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