Thesis Of 1776 By David Mccullough

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Robert Rohan The real father of these United States I happened to watch the HBO series of John Adam and decided to read the book it was based upon, written by David Mc Cullough.Based upon the letter's Adam's and his family wrote in there days, I found it to be the most enlighting book I've ever ...

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Crucial to the story, as it was to history, is the relationship between Adams and Jefferson, born opposites -- one a Massachusetts farmer's son, the other a Virginia aristocrat and slaveholder, one short and stout, the other tall and spare. At first they were ardent co-revolutionaries, then fellow diplomats and close friends.

With the advent of the two political parties, they became archrivals, even enemies, in the intense struggle for the presidency in 1800, perhaps the most vicious election in history.

Mc Cullough's biography will go far to provide it, for none before it -- not even Gilbert Chinard's classic of a generation or more ago -- has attained its height of narrative art.

But that is only to be expected of the writer who is our historian laureate in waiting.

It might have been any year and they could have been ...

The authentic John Adams has been concealed too long in the glamorous shadows of Jefferson and Washington, and some rectification is past due.

Read More Carolyn John Adams by David Mc Cullough Being the first book picked by the Book Club, I recently joined, I was overwhelmed by Mr. I felt like I was back in History class only this time enjoying it.

I learned more in this book about our country and ...

As he has with stunning effect in his previous books, Mc Cullough tells the story from within -- from the point of view of the amazing eighteenth century and of those who, caught up in events, had no sure way of knowing how things would turn out.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, the British spy Edward Bancroft, Madame Lafayette and Jefferson's Paris "interest" Maria Cosway, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, the scandalmonger James Callender, Sally Hemings, John Marshall, Talleyrand, and Aaron Burr all figure in this panoramic chronicle, as does, importantly, John Quincy Adams, the adored son whom Adams would live to see become President. But they were alike in their devotion to their country.


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