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The logistics of communication, transmitting knowledge from teacher to learner, demanded confinement on two dimensions, in time and in space: the walls of the classroom and the cells of the timetable.

Then e-learning comes along, and the old school seems to change.

But this is always to contribute to learning in an incremental way.

Instead of being retrospective and judgmental, assessment is prospective and constructive. Putting assessment and instruction together, we call “reflexive pedagogy.”[2] And replacing traditional assessment, we have “learning analytics,” where the student has a detailed progress record, and the teacher a running record of whole class learning. Adaptive and personalized learning will not be at the expense of learning community.

The communications architecture is still one-to-many. The supporting e-learning infrastructures are the same. There will be no distinction between instruction and assessment.

In the old school, there was a sharp distinction between instruction and the peculiar practices and artifacts of assessment.We don't have to be in the same time and space to learn. The cells of the timetable become the cells of the learning management system, blocks of time in the syllabus, day after day, week after relentless week. We have identified seven affordances, things we may have always wanted to do in education, logistically challenging in the old school, but now easily achieved: ubiquitous learning, active knowledge making, multimodal knowledge representations, recursive feedback, collaborative intelligence, metacognitive reflection and differentiated learning.[1] And because we now can, we should.In “flipped classroom” videos, the teacher still mostly talks and the student mostly listens. But an interesting thing happens when we make this transition. There becomes no pedagogical difference between learning online and learning face to face, just a circumstantial difference of time and space.And yes, they answer questions in “knowledge surveys,” but where answers can be checked and arguments can be had about the at least partial validity of alternative answers.Every one of these interactions involves assessment.The research effort empirically examines two coherent subjects: (a) the effectiveness of the E-Learning Model in enhancing students' critical thinking; and, (b) the students' perception toward the E-Learning Model after exposure to a course in an E-Learning environment. There will be no pedagogical differences between learning in person and learning online.To learn was to memorize; assessment is to find out what had been remembered. The relation of learning to assessment was linear: first learning, then assessment (then move on to something else). Mostly, this assessment was a strange game: to distinguish the one correct answer that was hidden beside deceptively wrong answers (“distractor” items).Perhaps a student might guess right, but without understanding.Adaptivity and personalization are not at the expense of learning community.Volcanoes again: the student can spend some more time thinking, ponder other students’ responses, before posting their own. In the old school, there was a pragmatics of one to thirty in the classroom or one to one hundred in the lecture hall.


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