Thesis On Factors Affecting Academic Performance Of Students

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The research wants therefore to determine the factors influencing academic achievement of undergraduate students of Amoud University with particularly reference to social economic status, former background, and admission points.

The objective of this study is to find out if the factors such as parent’s social economic status, school background and admission points influence academic performance of first degree students at Amoud University.

The admission points is always linked to student’s academic performance .

A researcher argued that admission points can be a predictor of student’s academic performance(Burns 2009).

The researcher wants to see whether there is a relationship between these three factors and student’s academic performance at Amoud University, Borama, Somalia.

The statement of the research problem is to what limit the factors do such as the socioeconomic status, former school background, and admission point affect student academic performance.The aim of this is to investigate the factors which play a role in the poor performance of the Grade 12 in the secondary schools in the Mogalakwena Circuit of the Limpopo Province.The researcher engaged a qualitative type of methodology. A semi-structured interview was conducted on the subject of research.One’s family background has been found to influence student’s academic performance.Research has found that socioeconomic status, parental involvement, family size are particularly important factors(Jennifer Barry 2006).Academic performance or achievements can be defined in terms of the performance of examinations and test (Martha 2009).As the students’ academic performance is an important thing for both Universities and the countries of the world.It always assures the quality and maintains the standards.However, the centre of quality assurance unit and academic dean has pointed out the some do well in examination while others fail or do not performance well.A research argued that the aim of the establishment of any school is to impart knowledge to its students and reason behind this to enhance student academic performance (Hoyle 1986).The vision of Amoud University is to be a centre of excellence in the Horn of Africa.


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