Thesis On Honesty

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c) The nature and level of relationship of HPR on FP is that HPR has a significant positive relationship with FP.

The clear contribution of this study is that: - a) It uses managers rather than students in HPR studies confirming that managers voluntarily prefer HPR.

Intellectual honesty is respect for one's own mind, but intellectual dishonesty prevents the mind from developing to its full potential.

Academic plagiarism is the most common form of intellectual dishonesty.

Otherwise, lying can be reduced by providing an appropriate monetary payoff which counteracts the harm to the self-image caused by the truthful statement.

I think honesty is the best policy because being honest will give you mental peace.It also determines if HPR has any implication on Firm Performance (FP).From this, four areas of endeavour are formulated, and hypotheses developed to address the issues in each area, and the quest for answers and conclusions to these specifications are pursued.3) Statistical analysis to examine the relationships between HPR and FP.4) Vignettes to document HPR practices among Ghana Club 100 companies.It also makes worthy contributions to our understanding of new contexts.The act of lying has always fascinated societies and researchers because opportunities to lie for the own benefit are prevalent in many areas of people's daily lives.Plagiarism means taking someone else's words or ideas and passing them off as your own.This form of intellectual "theft" is a totally unacceptable practice and is not tolerated by either our Department or the University.b) It confirms that HPR is mainly influenced by factors within the control of ‘decision-active’ stakeholders.c) It demonstrates that HPR can be improved if the pay-off for performance related bonuses is deferred rather than paid immediately.


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