Thesis On Internet Banking

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Competition is not merely regional or national, but global.

Compounding all this, advances in technology are fundamentally changing the nature of how information is created, processed, and delivered–the heart of what banks do.” —Gillespie (1997) Gillespie’s quotation establishes a context for this dissertation through his articulation of the factors that are changing banking in the new century—increased competition from established and new banking organizations without consideration of political or geographic boundaries, reduced regulation, and application of new technologies.

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Most sources seem to predict a bright future for Internet banking.

This dissertation adds to the existing body of knowledge by demonstrating how the historical development of Internet banking, ever-expanding features, introduction of new technologies, increasing benefits, and a focus on improving security to mitigate risks point to increased growth in Internet banking in the future. “An in-house web site that serves the employees of the enterprise.The capstone of the research segment of this dissertation will be a presentation of selected existing knowledge on the future of Internet banking.Before beginning the exploration of the history of Internet banking, there is a matter of semantics that should be addressed.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Dissertation Writing Service.Because the field of Internet banking is relatively young—extending only about ten years into the past—and, because the technology is advancing so rapidly, the bulk of the research was performed using professional journals, magazines, newspapers, legislative testimony, results of previous research, and commercial web sites.Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference material were used as sources for definitions and other descriptive information.Most references will beta Internet banking in the United States as this form of banking is most popular in that country in terms of sheer numbers (United Press International, 2001) and, thus, has benefited from the most study of its usage.The approach to presenting reviews of existing knowledge represents a logical progression from establishing a historical foundation followed by building a framework of the features, technology, benefits, and risks associated with Internet banking.“Two or more computers connected for the purpose of routing, managing, and storing rapidly changing data” (Columbia Encyclopaedia, 2004). “Lightweight, hand-held computer designed for use as a personal organizer with communications capabilities” (Columbia Encyclopaedia, 2004). The “basic method of navigating a web page or multimedia CD-ROM.The user points at an object using a cursor and amuse, and clicks to activate it.” (Hutchinson Dictionary of Computing, Multimedia, and the Internet, 1998) Portal.


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