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Inevitably, some aspects of the technique must be developed as the study proceeds, but this statement should be as definite as possible.Three points must be considered: sources of data, data collection procedures, and data analysis and presentation procedures.The following ideas may be useful to doctoral students in the initial stages of writing their dissertation proposal. Student's name and special field (e.g., English Education, Elementary Education) C. The abstract should enable the reader to ascertain the general plan of investigation without further study of the proposal.

Inevitably, some aspects of the technique must be developed as the study proceeds, but this statement should be as definite as possible.

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In some studies, where treatment follows routine and well-known methods, this section may be brief; in other studies writers will need to explain at length how they intend to proceed from data to conclusions.

Any notable assumptions about the conduct of the study should be made clear.

The hypotheses stated must be research hypotheses not null hypotheses.

It is only rarely that a null hypotheses is of any interest or is germane to the research proposal.

The proposal should discuss what generalizations are possible from a sample of the type used.

For most investigations, it is necessary to indicate the approximate number of cases to be studied.

If a prerequisite to the main study requires the establishment of the reliability or validity of certain procedures or materials, the writer should identify how such will be accomplished and evaluated.

It is not necessary to discuss reliability of standard techniques or sources of data (e.g., standardized tests).

The first section of the body of the proposal should indicate the relation of this study to the developing stream of educational thinking. It may discuss the prior studies in the same area, a field situation to which the study relates, or the conceptual framework out of which the study arises.

This section should make clear why the study is of value in extending educational theory, technology, or practice: i.e., the contribution to present knowledge which the proposed study will make.


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