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The District is also unique among Bay Area transit operations because it provides transit services without support from local sales tax measures or dedicated general funds.

As the District does not have the authority to levy taxes, the use of surplus Bridge toll revenue is the only available local means the District has to support the District's regional transit services.

But then again, stature has nothing to do with the place he occupies in history books. It was the pinnacle of a career that included the construction of more than 400 bridges worldwide, everywhere from downtown Chicago to the U. "He had great ambitions from the time he was a student," says Louis Laushey, dean emeritus of engineering. At the end of his senior year, 1892, with a degree in civil engineering, Strauss showed that he had dreams far beyond most of his peers.

That illustrious career began with his education at the University of Cincinnati.

A brief ceremony marked the occasion when groups from San Francisco and Marin met and exchanged remarks at the center of the span. Mc Kenna, Catholic Chaplin of Fort Scott, blessed the span while sprinkling holy water.

(This article was originally published by the University of Cincinnati Magazine in May 1987) Not exactly a giant, Joseph Strauss was barely 5 feet tall. In 1937, the same year Amelia Earhart’s plane went down, the Golden Gate Bridge opened to the public. By all accounts, Strauss was both eager and driven.Trestle repairs began shortly thereafter and completed March 8, 1934.November 7, 1933: Marin tower construction started.After graduation, Strauss worked at several different jobs, including one year as an instructor at UC, before accepting a position with the city of Chicago. The city was full of opportunities for a young bridge-builder, and Strauss was determined to make his mark.After butting heads with his superiors for several years over a new bridge he had designed, Strauss resigned from the city, opened his own business and revolutionized bridge-building.That company, Strauss Bascule Bridge Co., became the Strauss Engineering Corp., one of the leading consulting firms in the country.Strauss's early successes eventually led him to California and his greatest achievement.The district recognizes its responsibility to work as a partner with federal, state, regional and local governments and agencies to best meet the transportation needs of the people, communities and businesses of San Francisco and the North Bay.In 1969, with the mandate from the California State Legislature to enter the public transit business, the District planned, developed, and implemented what is today a nationally renowned bus and ferry system.Presently, Golden Gate Transit bus and Golden Gate Ferry operations are funded nearly 50 percent by surplus Golden Gate Bridge tolls and 20 percent by transit fares.The remainder is met by federal, state and local subsidies along with advertising, concessions, and property equipment rental revenues and District reserves.


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