Thesis Statement For Propaganda In Animal Farm

Thesis Statement For Propaganda In Animal Farm-81
Orwell wrote about his experiences of the Spanish Civil War in 'Homage to Catalonia'.

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It is the pigs who take it upon themselves to direct the revolution, and it is they who assume leadership after Jones had been driven out.He is presented as being a kindly, wise, natural leader who has a dream about a Utopia where 'All animals are equal' (Ch. Orwell shows Old Major in a sympathetic light - Old Major is seen as having good intentions but too much of a naive idealism to realise that not all animals share the same public-spiritedness that he has.Revolution leads to power, and once power is achieved it is prone to being abused.Essentially Orwell wanted to save Socialism from Communism.It was the realisation of Orwell's fears about Stalinist Russia and the rise of Totalitarianism that inspired him to write his final novel 'Nineteen Eighty-four' - an Anti-Utopian novel depicting a world where Totalitarianism had taken over.Orwell himself believed that revolution was not the answer - he believed that revolution was not a way of changing society : it was in fact merely a way of keeping it the same.Revolutions often have good intentions and provide new faces with a new rhetoric but soon it is hard to tell the new faces from the old.The actions of the Communists in Spain exposed to him how false the idea was that Russia was a Socialist State.He then went on to write Animal Farm as a way to remind people about the true facts of the Russian Revolution and the nature of Stalin's rise to power, becoming a totalitarian dictator.Orwell wrote 'Animal Farm' primarily as an allegory of the Russian Revolution thinly disguised as an animal fable.Orwell specifically had Russia in mind but also draws from his experiences in Spain to show that all well-meant societies are at risk. I ) - they move into Jones' house, drink alcohol and engage in trade with the other farms (all things which Old Major had specifically urged them not to do).


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