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Take a look at the following example: The topic in the example above is gratitude.The author’s stance on the subject is that gratitude is one of the most essential human qualities.The way in which he or she will demonstrate this argument is by narrating his or her experience in Ghana.

It is possible and recommended to be articulate and have well-flowing sentences (The 3 Keys to Writing the Perfect College Application Essay) without including superfluous fluff.

Certainly, you may use descriptive adjectives where appropriate, or a three syllable word here or there — but, for the love of Shakespeare, keep it literal.

This is why it is extremely beneficial to have a that changes as you develop your argument. In just one (or sometimes two) sentence(s), you should present a topic, state your perspective, and provide two or three supporting points.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that you need to (or should) fluff your thesis.

The author will likely concentrate one body paragraph on each of these qualities.

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My experience on an airplane that almost crashed has changed my perspective on the value of courage and has thus prompted me to make a substantial change in my life: to never be afraid to both show and face my fears.The thesis is the most integral component of your introductory paragraph, your essay, and your entire application.It can be comprised of one or occasionally two sentences and is typically the last sentence in your introduction.This example has one specific main idea—that the author’s new perspective on courage has been shaped by his experience on an airplane.The example also demonstrates the outcome of the author’s changed perspective.No imagery, metaphors, allusions, or other fancy rhetorical devices often used in literature should be used in your college essays.Admissions officers do not want a thesis that needs to be decoded.It provides your reader with a clear, succinct synopsis of the contents of your essay.Its purpose is threefold: (1) to state the topic, (2) to show your stance or perspective on the topic, and (3) to demonstrate how you will support your perspective.For this reason, you want to have what’s called a Because it is essential for your thesis to properly allude to the contents of your paper, a thesis should constantly change as you develop your argument.While developing your thesis, make sure to take the following questions into account: If you have a clear understanding of these questions, then all you have left to worry about is wording.


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