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However, all information obtained during the study process should go into the “Results” section.

However, all information obtained during the study process should go into the “Results” section.You should clearly describe the selection of the subjects who have been observed or who have received the experimental treatment (patients or laboratory animals, including controls), specifying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, providing data related to the sample size calculation, and describing the source population of the study subjects.

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Introduction The introduction should state the context or background of the study (e.g., the nature of the problem and its importance) and state the specific purpose or research objective (or the hypothesis being tested in the study).

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However, information of these chapters is sctructured exactly the same as articles, with the difference that in the title page there is additional information to the first page of the article.

For this reason, we will detail the information that must be contained in each chapter of the thesis, refering to the information that must contain each article.


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