To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Jem And Scout

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Jem And Scout-25
Like Scout he is immature at the start of the novel, after all he gave them ‘the idea of making Boo Radley come out’.However, we see that he has dependence when he runs away.

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It is quite a contrast from her hotheaded attitude towards Walter Cunningham earlier in the novel.

This development of womanhood takes place gradually throughout the novel as she spends more time with the feminine character of Aunt Alexandra.

The character of Dill is presented as more of an ‘outsider’ in the novel.

He is from a different area and because of this we have a contrast in beliefs.

Scout and Aunt Alexandra had acted with dignity by not saying about the death of Tom Robinson.

This not only shows maturity, but also showed that they were above everybody else in the room.The intelligence of Scout also aids us in our understanding of events.This intelligence is not only indicated by the fact that she could read ‘ever since she was born’ but also by her comprehension of the court case.Although she has matured, she is still curious and this is indicated by her inquisitive approach to the Hitler case.We see the society through her eyes and realise the hypocritical county of Maycomb.As Scout is a young girl, she has not yet been affected by the prejudice in the Maycomb society.The child innocence of this character makes the reader see the novel in complete veracity.I think that the main thing that Dill learnt throughout the novel is to tell the truth.The example that I feel shows this the clearest is when he is talking about his father.For example, by Scout asking Dolphus Raymond questions, we learn that he does not really drink.Also by Scout listening to the lady’s conversation, we learn about the hypocritical society but Scout has not yet realised this.


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