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They require a minimum of 250 (IELTS)- 300 (TOEFL) words. Can be less expensive, esp in terms of overhead and texts/materials. Can be designed to meet the needs of ss of varying learning styles and abilities [unlimited opportunities for review; types of presentation ltd only by tchr. Add that it’s also possible to combine best aspects of both in many cases with occasional physical meetings (or even gatherings of classmates in several cities for video conferencing), flipped classrooms, taped live lectures, etc. Is the site pushing its own products or point of view, or selling for someone?IELTS allows about 40 minutes for its essay; the TOEFL, 30 minutes. Can be reduced with icebreakers, self-intros, & time to socialize and introduce oneself into the class schedule.4. imagination]; accessible to students w/ physical disabilities that can be limiting in regular classrooms, due to the adaptability of computers [TTS & vice versa, lg. Essay Outline Example 2 (see also the essay below): The Internet provides enormous amounts of information, good and bad. Both are certainly legitimate, but searchers need to be aware of the interests involved.

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(Study the samples they give, as well.) Practice will help you get comfortable with organizing your thoughts, writing, and proofreading your work within the time limits given.

If you check your word count for each practice essay, you will also begin to recognize what 250 words (IELTS, or 300 for the TOEFL writing sample) looks like in your handwriting (or on a typed page for the TOEFL ibt.)You should definitely study the official guidelines and samples for the IELTS essay (see the section on Academic Writing Task 2.) You might also want to check out Academic Writing for more ideas on what American or British universities expect.

”You know what’s more important than avoiding major mistakes?

Knowing the best tips, tricks and strategies for TOEFL Independent Writing section success.

It is good to know that with two well-developed paragraphs we can still get good score. I wrote 218 words for the integrated part and 311 words for the independent.

Do you know anybody who has been able to get a perfect score in this part with these word-counts?

Now almost any kind of information can be found online, usually free.

Summary The Internet has made information available to anyone who can type in a few simple search terms, but it also provides large amounts of biased, outdated, or simply false “information.” Fifty years ago, finding facts about an uncommon medical condition or the economy of another country required a visit to a research library.

Give your reasons and specific examples to support them.1. Remember, your most important preparation for any exam is to study the guidelines and criteria for the test you plan to take and practice, repeatedly, with similar questions.

How can people ensure that the material they find is accurate and up-to-date? For example, for health advice, government sites like the NIMH and professional medical association sites like Web MD are authoritative.


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