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Alexakis grows up and experiences life without a father to guide him.

Although Alexakis becomes a successful musician, he lives his life with a void left by his father.

[tags: Bluest Eye Essays] - "Father of mine, tell me where have you been.

You know I just closed my eyes, and my whole world disappeared." These are words sung by the singer Art Alexakis of the band Everclear.

Pecola believed that having a pair of blue eyes would made people think she is pretty, and would be the key resolving all the problems....

[tags: The Bluest Eye] - It has been 153 years since the start of Civil War, and although it ends but it never dies.The first being that of the story about the blind woman and the bird.Morrison says, "Her answer can be taken to mean: if it is dead, you have either found it that way or you have killed it....The speech opens up new ideas and interesting correlations between the address and the story.In this paper, I will document how parts of Morrison's speech uses situations in The Bluest Eye.During the year of 1940, discrimination, especially toward African Americans, was still a serious problem.People believe that whiteness is the standard of beauty.Because of their eagerness to have freedom and rights, it ended in a bloody way and many leaders of the movement were killed.They shed blood because of their devotions for their fellow men....Select one of these secondary stories and explain how it relates to or comments upon the main story line.- “The Bluest Eye” is taking place around 1940 in Lorain, Ohio.


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