Too Dependent On Computers Essay

If one of them is missing, you try as much as possible to search for it no matter what.The result is that you fail to capture and experience the moment since you are busy worried about other things. We must agree that society is being carried away by the increased inventions being introduced in our lives today.For the employees, this may be a good time to wander around because there are no new tasks, but ask your boss the stress that comes with this.

Advancements in technology have enabled humans to do things that were previously unimaginable and it has certainly made many tasks easier than they were before.

How many of us can go for a week without an internet connection or cell phone?

Well, society may have gone too far in technology dependence such that it has become so immense that doctors have recommended for “technology detox.” Perhaps you may have heard of it.

If not, according to Oxford Dictionary, Technology Detox is Technology is changing quite faster.

Those evening games after school are over, watching cartoons on a Sunday or playing with friends are no longer there.

Today, more than 75% of kids remain indoors playing computer games or with a smartphone. Well, this may get the better part of you of how technology has taken the better part of our society, but here are some signs that our generation depends too much on technology.

It made the world smaller by providing good communication tools, made it possible to explore the solar system and the universe and proved that technology is truly significant in human advancement.

There’s no denying technology is great, but are humans becoming too dependent on technology?

The balance we need is to appreciate technology since it has its benefits, but also have the discipline to turn it off when need be to experience life in reality.

Technology brought us machines, computers, cars and aeroplanes.


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