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My mom was born in China and didn't know the Lord.

She came to America for graduate school, but instead married my father against her parents' wishes.

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We may have never won the top honors and awards but for my mother, the fact that we graduated was enough for us to warrant that special gift and attention.

All in all, that is why the saying “Heaven is under mother’s feet”, means a lot for me.My mother has known me all my life and it is that bond that I trust to lead me away from wrong and down the path of honor and virtue.Secondly, my mom is not only a mom to me; she’s also my friend at the same time.What I like the most about my mom is that she gives a lot of love. She taught us that while we needed to develop our own skills, she is still always around when we need her help and support. My mother always makes sure that we never have to overcome our problems and challenges alone.It feels like a team where one never feels alone because there will always be somebody there who will help in times of need.Because of her strained relationship with her parents, she longed to create a new family with my father where she could belong and be loved.With hard work and persistence, my mother helped my father receive two doctoral degrees and establish a successful dental practice.On the outside, they were living the "American Dream." They seemed to have it all: a new dream home in the suburbs of Chicago, two luxury cars, and two sons in dental school.According to the ways of the world, my mother should have been happy. I knew this because even when I was a child and my parents argued—which was often—I was the shoulder on which my mother would cry.News of my death would have been easier for her to take than this. It felt like I had been disowned, but to my mother, I had betrayed her.She thought an ultimatum would bring me to my senses, and demanded that I choose either the family or "that" (she could not even say the word ). Without a church family, she had no one to turn to, so she started looking through the phone book and listening to the radio in the hopes of finding help.


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