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The common property true of all sentences that express the same truth is what philosophers call the propositional content of the sentences or "the proposition." Now we can better understand the idea behind "non-linguistic bearer of truth value." Propositions are non-linguistic because they aren't written or spoken in a language.

They bear truth because they are the things that are true or false. Some philosophers say beliefs are "dispositional." That is, they incline a person to behave in a way as if the thing they believe is true.

But notice that the truth of the apple’s color has little role to play in what we believe.

No one knows what the truth is and so it plays no role in our epistemology.

Finally postmodernism lays out a view of truth in terms of individual perspectives and community agreement.

While this essay does not focus on practical issues like why a view of truth is important, I'll say a few words about that idea at the end and provide more resources for further reading.

Even more problematic is that our perspective will even influence our ability to come up with a definition!

These are no small concerns and we'll explore some responses below.

We can make this objection even stronger by asking how we know that we all aren't in fact color blind in a way we don't understand and apples really aren't red after all.

No one has access to the “real” color of the apple.


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