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An applicant is considered a first-year student if they have not attended college or university as a full time student earning at least 12 credits.

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Don’t apply to a school because it appears to like you.

Only apply for the right reasons and you won’t get snookered by fast apps.

With the help of outside firms, colleges send out thousands and even tens of thousands of applications that are easier for teenagers to complete than the typical ones.

That’s what Drexel University has been doing, according to another article.

An applicant is considered a transfer student if they have attended college or university and earned at least 12 credits as a full-time student.

This does not include AP or Dual Enrollment credits.

Selectivity, after all, is something that college rankings care about.

If applicants receive scholarships from a school, it’s not because they completed fast applications.

You can get a better appreciation of the fast-app practice by reading this article from earlier this year: A College Opts Out of the Admissions Arms Race Just because a student receives one of these applications certainly doesn’t mean the school is interested in him or her.

In some cases, schools use these applications to increase their applications so they can reject more students.


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