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Art also played an instrumental role in the development and transfer of TPS methods and precision equipment to Toyota’s overseas plants.After a decade in Japan, Art returned to the United States and served as Director of Lean Manufacturing for Donnelly Corporation for five years.Or is the occurrence a unique event that needs to be dealt with as such?

Art helped lead one of the most impressive lean transformations in North America.

Donnelly won multiple awards while substantially improving net income, as well as operational metrics in safety, quality, productivity, delivery, and morale.

I believe ultimate translation into different languages would widen the audience When I read a book, I try to evaluate it through two lenses – how will it help my department – the central continuous improvement group of the company, and secondly, how will it help the practitioners that my department supports. The history of problem solving, the comparison of different methodology is very good background material for those that need or want to understand the technical differences of those techniques – like individuals in my department.

The pragmatic, hands-on practitioners I support might skim those sections however they would read and use the section on Problem Solving Types 1-3.

Knowing the type of problem helps you choose the most effective strategy.

In The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker’s Essential Writings on Management (Collins Business Essentials) , Peter Drucker identifies four type of problems.

He counseled numerous Fortune 500 clients on operational matters involving lean implementation and oversaw numerous successful quality, cost, and delivery improvement projects.

In 2003, Art launched his own company Art of Lean, Inc.

and now divides his time serving a diverse base of clients such as Parker Hannifin, Delphi, Timken, Schlumberger, Gillette, Nexteer, Sandia National Laboratories, private equity groups, and many other organizations.

A vast array of articles, guides, and documents pertaining to leadership and lean are available on his website: serves as author and periodic advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute and its global affiliates, delivering lectures to leading manufacturing executives around the world.


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