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Typography Assignment-47
Incorporating images and text manipulation in to one piece of artwork covering M3 Unit 40.David Carson design incorporation of images M3 Unit 40 I incorporated a vector design of a guitar, which links with my theme with overlaid with type in white to show effect between text and images and the use of negative space around my image I produced, then added various brush effect vectors to sweep over this built up design.

M1: Others work described through terminology Si Scott and David Carson’s text and image pieces: This design shows the bunched up text incorporation of colour which I like, no extended leading or kerning here the canvas of the image shows a surrounded style to what he produces and still takes up the whole canvas to center the image this is because of the reflection on the negative space which supports the legs and arms and stems of the letters inside this piece to make it have understanding and charm but also to visualize imagery through text.

This piece of Si Scotts of work shows the true terminology through design such as the Apex on the A stems on the I, T, J.

David Carson fourth image in my portfolio: Showing layered text and built up to incorporate David Carson’s style utilizing the whole canvas and also dragging back the elements to the left hand side because of eye co-ordination incorporating text in to the image in one area to develop from M2 process.

Also adding the word ‘Music’ around most of the canvas to show the eye co-ordination of decoding a image again negative space shown to highlight the images within the text show elements which are known and stretched leading and kerning in most areas to utilize the eye decoding.

I have then used the Liquify tool on Photoshop to add the swirl and the curve motion to what Si Scott uses to incorporate the flowers.

David Carson Design Firstly I opened a Photoshop file and then used Glowing Edges in the Artistic brush section for the effect on the text and type for David Carson inspiration.

David Carson sixth image in my portfolio: Incorporation of negative space decoding the eye to text but also shows the main image within the text, which is the heroic of the piece the capital words show more impact and drawn your eye in to this piece of design.

Showing centered canvas elements to show the decode and drawn in effect to the text forms, also the background brush effect just shows less negative space and is used decode the eye again to the follow the text I have left a lot of negative space because it makes my text stand out within the image more and make it the main piece to make this the solution.

On Photoshop I found a vector drawing on which I will use the Magic Tool to cut around it. -Also introducing M3 Unit 40 outcomes of considered designs which incorporate words and images I have used vector additions on the Si Scott version and instruments connecting with my theme on the David Carson version.

I firstly opened Illustrator and typed in the font of Thonburi and developing a mixed block of text, which David Carson uses.


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