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The Graham School is also responsible for the University of Chicago Summer Session.

In addition, the Graham School manages the University of Chicago Summer Session, a series of academic programs for high school students, visiting college students, and international students, and conducts lecture series and other programs throughout the year.

The Graham School's administrative offices can be found on the University of Chicago's main campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The Graham School also offers graduate coursework without enrolling in a degree program through its Graduate Student-at-Large and Returning Scholar programs.

Graduate students-at-large take University of Chicago graduate courses for grades and build a transferable record of study for matriculation into a degree program at the University of Chicago or elsewhere.

The Graham School fosters the University’s rigorous approach to learning and scholarship in the form of graduate degrees, certificate programs, and open courses in the professional studies, humanities, arts, and sciences.

The Graham School offers five Master's programs, over 18 certificate programs, and a variety of credit and noncredit courses for graduate students at large, returning scholars, and adult learners.

The Graham School offers multiple lecture series open to the public.

The First Friday Lecture Series occurs on the first Friday of every month from autumn to spring, and are delivered by the school’s Basic Program instructors on a topic of their choice.

The Graham School offers Business and Professional Programs certificates in the following areas: The Graham School’s noncredit offerings cover a wide variety of topics and are aimed at the college graduate who wishes to either expand their knowledge of a certain area or learn a marketable job skill.

Noncredit courses are offered in the following areas: Courses in certificate programs may also be taken, without enrolling in the certificate program.


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