Use Of Force Short Story Essay

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They foolishly decide to leave the courts without any decision, instead of pursuing their squabble in court (Gogolʹ, Leonard, and Constance). One can only imagine the consequences, and in most cases, one spends more time thinking about it after reading it than the time one spent in reading.

Unsurprisingly individuals have the greatest impact on the way their interpersonal conflicts unfold.

The judge finds it hard to believe what is happening between these former friends.

He tries to convince them to make amends which infuriates the friend causing him to storm out of the courthouse.In retaliation, Ivanovich cuts off the legs at night and fears that Nikiforovich will burn his house down.It is at this point that Ivan Ivanovich goes to court to have Nikiforovich arrested for ill intentions.He goes over and offers to trade it for a brown pick and sacks of oat.His neighbor is not ready to let it go and in turn, calls Ivanovich a goose, which offends him terribly. To rub in the insult, Nikiforovich erects a goose pen with two posts resting on the friend’s property.If you were assigned to write short story analysis for one of your classes and face any difficulties, you can count on us.We will write an original paper that will meet your expectations and will deliver it strictly on time.These are two individuals who have been the best friends, but a simple conflict is about to erupt a long time conflict that lasted for more than a decade.Written in a realistic manner, it is a grotesque indication of the two characters.Later, the chief of police has a party and invites Ivanovich to the party, but Nikiforovich would not attend because neither of them will be where the other is.Nikiforovich is convinced to come without the knowledge of his friend (Gogolʹ et al.).


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