Uses Of Science In Daily Life Essay

The rationale behind the criterion above is that both meaning and motivation are required.

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The operative word in the above premise is "can." The understandings that students develop from any encounter with mathematics depend not only on the context, but also on the students' prior experience and skills, their ways of thinking, their engagement with the task, the environment in which they explore the task—including the teacher, the students, and the tools—the kinds of interactions that occur in that environment, and the system of internal and external incentives that might be associated with the activity.

Teaching and learning are complex activities that depend upon evolving and rarely articulated interrelationships among teachers, students, materials, and ideas.

There are many good sources of compelling problems from within mathematics, and a broad mathematics education will include experience with problems from contexts both within and outside mathematics.

The inclusion of tasks in this volume is intended to highlight particularly compelling problems whose context lies outside of mathematics, not to suggest a curriculum.

Mathematical problems also can serve as sources of meaning and understanding if the problems stimulate students' thinking.

Of course, a mathematical task that is meaningful to a student will provide more motivation than a task that does not make sense.

Science, technology and innovation must drive our pursuit of more equitable and sustainable development.

No longer just the language of science, mathematics now contributes in direct and fundamental ways to business, finance, health, and defense. To participate fully in the world of the future, America must tap the power of mathematics. The tasks in this report illuminate some of the possibilities provided by the workplace and everyday life.

The power of using workplace and everyday problems to teach mathematics lies not so much in motivation, however, for no con- text by itself will motivate all students.

The real power is in connecting to students' thinking.


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