Utoronto Engineering Science Thesis

Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, biking, gaming (Civilization V, Overwatch) and baking.

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The beauty of this is, being a “Jack of all trades” is something you are basically trained to do as an Eng Sci.

An Eng Sci studies electromagnetics, C programming, bioengineering, physics, linear algebra, quantum physics, aerospace engineering, and differential equations, taught by the cream of the crop of professors at the U of T …and that’s just the first year of the Eng Sci curriculum!

I am a fourth year student in Engineering Science (Eletrical and Computer Engineering option) at the University of Toronto.

On this page you can find my resume, my contact infofmation and Linked In and my research interests. Gennady Pekhimenko and the Eco Systems Group on my thesis.

These are the problems biomedical engineers train for.

And solving them may lead to the discovery of some very powerful biology, indeed.I realized the very practical way in which an understanding of biology affected my daily life – be it in the food I ate, the importance of exercising, the clothes I wore, and the natural or artificial wonders surrounding me.I also began wondering in what way I could use these principles to solve problems and to help people in need.In my final year of high school, I realized I wanted to be a Biomedical Engineer, and I knew I wanted to stay in Canada for my studies.The only challenge was in finding an undergraduate program that offered a Biomedical Engineering major, and back in 2004, these were few and far between.This involved not just writing up a 4 page research paper (something we’d never done in our lives) but also making frequent, lengthy trips to visit a Professor at U of T to understand the science behind our project, as well as late night sessions at Gerstein Science Library on “Pub Med”.We didn’t win the competition, but that didn’t matter — from then on, my interest was piqued and I began taking predominantly biology-oriented courses in high school.Link 2/19/2017 For you information theorists and curious knowledge explorers out there! My Engineering Science story (0T5, Biomed) began much like any other Eng Sci story…early as high school. Hollander inspired me and a few like-minded schoolmates to enter a biotechnology paper competition, and so we did.However, all papers published by the IEEE has their copyrights owned by the IEEE.Using it for any purpose requires the permission of the IEEE.


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