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For more on Porter’s value chain model and a detailed description of the goals, functions, and tasks of a value chain, read Cost advantage results from a reduction in costs associated with activities in a value chain.After the value chain has been defined, it’s important to associate costs to the activities and then make adjustments for efficiency.

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Many experts since have expanded on this source, as well as Porter’s massively influential model, including Robert M.The practice is now also a vital part of societal global initiatives.According to Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary-General, “International trade and investment have undergone accelerated changes with the emergence of global value chains.” A global value chain involves the coordination of activities, people, and processes across geographies.Grant (contemporary strategy analysis) and Wassily Leontief (the input-output model).Having evolved and adapted over the years, companies and industry specialists continue to successfully implement Porter’s value chain analysis.To achieve competitive advantage, an organization ultimately delivers more value at an equal or lower cost.Value chain analysis is the method for determining the critical path to enhance customer value while reducing costs.It is not meant to be a standalone, rigid framework that creates barriers between functions or gives equal weight to every task that brings a product or service to market.Various departments, including human resources, marketing, sales, and operations utilize value chain analysis.Finding these perceived values could mean the difference between getting a consumer to spend three dollars on a cup of Starbuck's coffee rather than one dollar on a competitor's discount brand.The management and analysis of value chains are becoming both industry specific and increasingly global, taking into account fast-changing markets, adjustments necessitated by new technologies, delivery methods, trade and government involvement, and fast-paced and fickle consumer demands.


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