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These are cases of torturing innocent men and women in police custody, by mafias and sometimes even by political leaders.

These are cases of torturing innocent men and women in police custody, by mafias and sometimes even by political leaders.

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The significant role of newspapers in shaping the society has been perceived since the dawn of its history.

Newspapers are historically known for offering a wide array of information and knowledge sources .

The national dailies employ their correspondents and reporters in all the major cities of the world.

The major newspapers like the New York Times, shape and influence the views, opinions and attitudes of millions of readers throughout the world.

Standard newspapers criticize the policies and statements of the government or of the political parties in a fair (just) way.

Newspapers describe the economic policies of the government.People can form their own opinion on the basis of articles that the newspapers publish on such issues.Newspapers can make suggestions in the field of education too.They tell him about a number of new found stars and their satellites. The common man is more interested in his own world, in his own continent, country, city or village.Newspapers bring man out of his narrowwell of the village and take him to the expanding cities, groups of countries like SAARC, G7, European Community, the designs of USA after the fall of USSR.They give in detail the statements of speeches made by the rulers at public meetings of on the radio of television.They also report the events of political parties and leaders.Newspaper have been the most conventional and popular medium of conveying local, regional, national and international news to the readers.Newspaper serve us the latest happenings in different parts of the world through a network of correspondents and news agencies.Most of the newspapers awake health consciousness among the people. They cater to the needs of the government as well as the business community. V they are still the most important part of the media.They publish news and articles on some malignant diseases like AIDS, cancer and heart troubles doctor may not advise on the basis of social and preventive medicines. Besides all these social, political, economic aspects newspapers are the greatest source of advertisement.


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