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Where Frontier and Verizon really diverge is on customer service. Only can hold a candle to Verizon’s customer service track record.Verizon is the best in the biz; Frontier consistently gets its wrist slapped from ranking services like J. In addition to high scores for communicativeness and billing clarity, it’s also making customers happy through its constantly improving speeds.One or two average internet users who don’t do a ton of downloading, and anyone whose priority is receiving good customer experience.

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Frontier’s DSL service is hamstrung by the same speed limits as Verizon, meaning you might not be able to consume much of that all-you-can-eat data.

That said, Verizon and Frontier both generate speeds fast enough for most.

You would have to stage a data marathon to hit Verizon’s 1.5TB data limit.

But if you’d rather have no ceiling than a really high one, offers unlimited data.

Every other company overstates the speeds customers experience by 10-20%.

Verizon flips the script, running at 113% of stated speeds.

Average users or a small household should have all the speeds they need, but gamers or a click-happy clan might feel constrained, especially if they are looking to download lots of music or video.

If that sounds like you, look into whether fiber internet is available in your area.

As far as DSL speeds go, Verizon Wireless performs well on the downloading side of the speed equation with their best plan offering up to 15 Mbps.

This is considerable for DSL, and more than enough if you only go online occasionally.


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