Vietnam War Essay Topics

With humor and spunk, the pair investigates Bigfoot sightings in the area.A sensitive subplot involves Tobin’s dad, a Vietnam veteran.

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The healing influence of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has the potential to open discussion without overwhelming readers who are not ready for specific details.

Additionally, the honest yet hopeful stories of the immigrant “boat people” can be found in fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages.

Bold yet delicate and detailed drawings in muted, natural colors are matched with brief and meaningful blocks of text.

–As told by poet Phi’s spare language, an unnamed Vietnamese boy joins his father for a predawn fishing outing on a Minnesota pond.

–Freedman draws readers into the politics and key battles of the Vietnam War as well as protests on the home front and the fall of Saigon and its aftermath.

He also focuses on Vietnam’s early history through the French occupation and Barack Obama’s respectful 2015 White House meeting with the head of Vietnam’s Communist Party.

Frequent photographs, rich colors, and intriguing layouts will hold reader interest for biography projects, history or art research, and independent reading.

–Lemonade Liberty Witt (aka Lem, who is almost 11) moves in with her grandfather and finds herself, somewhat reluctantly, the “official new assistant” at her neighbor Tobin’s Bigfoot Detectives, Inc.

War is not a topic approached lightly in schools, especially when there are several factions and no clear-cut moral certitude for any side.

Writing about the Vietnam War bears the additional burden of exposing soldiers engaged in acts of extreme cruelty, less than ideal military leaders, and the poor judgment and outright deceptions of politicians at home.


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