Virtual Assistant Business Plan Sample

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If you need to make $500 per client (or whatever that looks like for you), how does that look and what services can you provide for clients to get them to that level?

Determine what your rate is and and how much you'll do. A lot of VAs think they can serve anybody - that they can work with anybody - and although that's not false (it's actually quite true! They needed someone to do the things that I could do, like client care. They did launches every few months, so I could take my marketing stuff and work into that. That's a really big piece of your business plan as well.

And then how does that work into how your business is going to be set up?

So finance and revenue forecasting is really important to learn how to do.

You break things down into actionable pieces, and then you can take those action steps and you can break those down into smaller daily activities, so that you can actually get things done. When you put these things into your business plan, you can look at them.

Looking at marketing in terms of that perspective, what do you want to get? You can see where the gaps are, and you can see what it is that you need to get support with, or you just need to make some decisions around.So I've got a business plan template that for my clients that I think just fits enough stuff into it. Well, it is overwhelming if you don't know the answers to things, but it helps you to look at what you don't know yet, what you need to figure out.It helps you to put strategies in place but it also helps you to make decisions and that's the big thing.That's something I teach, so I can definitely help!When you know what your revenue levels are going to be, then you can break that out into services.So when VAs ask me if they need a business plan, my short answer is always: yes.Because if you want to have any success in your business, you have to have a plan.That's obviously going to be the main way that you earn income, particularly in the first few years of your business, but there are lots of ways that you can supplement that income.So you want to look at that and figure out how you can really make the amount of money you want to make.A virtual support business provides an opportunity to apply your administrative support skills to your home-based business.Virtual assistants can perform most tasks, short of bringing coffee; however, once a coffee shop starts offering home delivery, a virtual assistant can arrange for that as well. A good idea is to check out other websites advertising virtual assistant services, as they will give you a good idea of the competition.


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