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Allen-Parker and Braue are just two of an estimated 2,000 virtual assistants worldwide.Although one is a veteran and the other a newbie, both say hard work is the key to building sustainable practices.Wrap up all legal and financial aspects of startup before securing your first client.11. Just because you've built a Web site or placed an ad in the Yellow Pages doesn't mean clients will come knocking on your door.

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This will give you the opportunity to network, build camaraderie and have access to a knowledge bank for solving technical problems.

Progressive Leadership's Carole Nicolaides, a Columbus, Ohio-based business coach, has helped a number of virtual assistants match their talents with sound business planning.

Working full time in a law office was no longer feasible so Braue decided to take control of her earnings potential.

The paralegal enrolled in an online training course at Virtual Assistance U.

Virtual business model (not to be confused with Virtual business), is a way to organize an innovative startup company and facilitates increased flexibility in the use of both financial and human resources and can promote development of new ideas and inventions.

In the virtual company, the utilization of the financial resources can be optimized with cost-effective product development as a result.

This business model is defined using several criteria; the company has a limited number of employees; the management has competence for product and business development; the company has financial resources to perform or has the ambition to find such financial resources; the company has a defined plan for the use of the financial resources; the majority of the operations are performed at organizations (called External Resources Provider) outside the virtual company; the ownership of the created value (e.g.

technical results, patents) developed by the external resources providers belongs to the virtual company.

Industries most often hiring virtual assistants include the real estate, coaching, financial services, accounting and legal.

If you're wondering how to start a business as a virtual assistant, Elite Office Support founder Susan Totman offers these tips:1.


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