Vital Signs Research Paper

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The primary goal is to summarise current image-based vital signs monitoring methods, limited to heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturations and blood pressure.

Several image-based technologies have been explored for vital signs monitoring, and it is our aim to provide a summary of their current availability and performance.

We aim to review non-contact, non-invasive image/video-based vital signs monitoring devices in health care and health-related fields.

Date and language restrictions will not be applied.

Authors of studies published in languages other than English will be contacted by email for assistance with data extraction.

We will exclude temperature monitoring which lends itself to infrared imaging and has been extensively studied [8,9,10].

Vital Signs Research Paper

Technology which require placement of trackers or monitors on the body will be excluded.

To our knowledge, this will be the first systematic review of the evidence for this type of monitoring.

The review will provide a basis for further research using similar technology in a rapidly evolving field.

In many clinical settings, these widely available monitors may be sufficient.

However, they do have disadvantages which may limit their use in high dependency areas.


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