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One of those things is the ability to rank the most-commonly-seen vocabulary words on the SAT…a surely a labor-intensive task that seems like it requires a lot of employees, a lot of computer power, and a lot of connections with the College Board.

One of those things is the ability to rank the most-commonly-seen vocabulary words on the SAT…a surely a labor-intensive task that seems like it requires a lot of employees, a lot of computer power, and a lot of connections with the College Board.

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To help study, students can take a Vocabulary Practice Test on the imported word list, testing prior knowledge.

Then a Review List can be created from each student’s practice test results, to concentrate review on SAT or ACT words that need more practice.

Here’s are some simple ways to build up your vocabulary before your SAT test date.

The natural way to learn a new word is by paying attention to how other people use it—that is, to see or hear the word in context. You won’t know whether you’re right about the meaning of a new word until you’ve consulted a dictionary to check the definition.

as well as simply making reading more fun and enjoyable for you!

One of the best ways to get a lot of SAT vocab practice done in a short time is to find a great SAT word list and learn it with flashcards. Update: The Princeton Review box set of flashcards is still one of my favorite SAT word lists, but I have since found several other excellent SAT vocabulary books, lists, and supplements and I’ve also made a 500-flashcard box that you can purchase on for less than .Examples of uses outside of SAT and other test vocabulary are The Vocab Videos program is based on watching humorous, memorable videos to teach vocabulary in a contextual format.Using both auditory and visual cues, each video includes a real-world representation of the meaning of a word in a way that you can easily relate to and understand.Take the time to brush up on math terminology, like the differences between integer and co-efficient, for example—before you tackle the SAT.For more than 35 years, students and families have trusted The Princeton Review to help them get into their dream schools.We help students succeed in high school and beyond by giving them resources for better grades, better test scores, and stronger college applications. Vocabulary building is an essential exercise for high school students taking the ACT and SAT exams.Use index cards or our own Essential SAT Vocabulary flashcards to either practice independently or have a friend quiz you.In order to do well on the SAT Math Test, you need to know what the questions are asking you––and that all begins with understanding key math terms.ACT/SAT Words List 7: delusion, demise, denounce, depict, depravity, derelict, deride, derision, desecrate, desultory, deviate, didactic, diffident, digress, dilapidated, diligent, discern, disdain, disparage, disparity SAT/ACT Words List 8: dissension, dissent, dissonance, distend, dogmatic, drone, dubious, ebullient, eccentric, eclectic, egregious, electorate, eloquent, elucidate, emancipate, embody, emissary, empathetic, emulate, enigma ACT/SAT Words List 9: ephemeral, epitome, equivocal, erroneous, esoteric, eulogy, euphonious, evanescent, exacerbate, exculpate, exemplary, exonerate, expedient, expedite, exposition, expulsion, extol, extrasensory, fastidious, feign SAT/ACT Words List 10: flagrant, florid, fortuitous, foster, fraudulent, frugal, furtive, futile, garrulous, genealogy, genesis, germane, gluttonous, gratification, gratis, gratuitous, gregarious, grotto, guile, gullible ACT/SAT Words List 11: hackneyed, harbinger, haughty, heretic, hiatus, holistic, idiosyncrasy, immutable, impartial, impelled, impending, impetuous, impound, impudent, inception, incessant, inclement, incorrigible, incursion, indifferent SAT/ACT Words List 12: indigenous, indignation, indolent, ineffable, inevitable, ingratiate, inherent, innocuous, innovate, insipid, insurrection, intemperate, interjection, intermittent, inundate, inveterate, irreverent, jettison, judicious, juxtapose ACT/SAT Words List 13: kindle, kinetic, lackadaisical, laconic, lament, languid, laudatory, lavish, lax, levity, listless, loquacious, lucid, lugubrious, magnanimous, malaise, malleable, maverick, mercurial, meticulous SAT/ACT Words List 14: misanthrope, miscreant, mollify, mundane, munificent, myopic, myriad, naive, nebulous, nefarious, negligible, nonchalant, nostalgia, notoriety, novel, novice, noxious, nuance, obdurate, obscure ACT/SAT Words List 15: obstinate, obtuse, odious, onerous, opaque, opulent, ornate, oscillate, ostensible, ostentatious, ostracize, overt, pacify, palpable, panacea, paradigm, paramount, parsimony, partisan, patent SAT/ACT Words List 16: paucity, pedestrian, pejorative, penchant, pendulous, penitent, perceptive, perfidious, perfunctory, pertinent, pervasive, petulant, philistine, pilfer, pious, placate, placid, plausible, plethora, ponderous ACT/SAT Words List 17: portend, pragmatic, precedent, precocious, precursor, predilection, proclivity, prodigious, profuse, progeny, projectile, propensity, proponent, prosaic, protracted, provincial, provocative, prudent, puerile, pugnacious SAT/ACT Words List 18: quagmire, quandary, queasy, quell, querulous, quip, quixotic, rancor, recalcitrant, recant, reciprocal, reclusive, rectify, refute, regalia, remission, repellent, repose, reprehensible, respite ACT/SAT Words List 19: reticent, revere, rhetorical, rustic, saccharine, sacrilege, salient, sanguine, sardonic, scrupulous, secede, seditious, solicitous, soporific, sordid, sparse, speculate, sprightly, spurious, squander SAT/ACT Words List 20: static, stoic, strut, stymie, succinct, sumptuous, superfluous, supplant, surreptitious, susceptible, sycophant, taciturn, tantamount, tenacious, tentative, tenuous, terse, timorous, trajectory, tranquil ACT/SAT Words List 21: transitory, transpired, trepidation, truculent, truncate, ubiquitous, undulate, urbane, usurp, vacuous, venerate, veracious, verbose, vex, vicarious, compassion, complexity, condemnation, contempt, convention SAT/ACT Words List 22: vignette, vindicated, vindictive, virtuoso, virulent, volition, wane, wanton, wary, whet, winsome, zealous, zenith, antagonize, apology, archipelago, aural, boundary, cantankerous, circumlocution ACT/SAT Words List 23: corrective, criticism, deceit, desiccate, discredit, disregard, distortion, egalitarian, endure, ignominy, evaporate, hedonism, hypocrisy, integrity, lubricate, mendacity, modest, veracity, negligence, oppose SAT/ACT Words List 24: perplex, persistent, prohibitive, scrutinize, chicanery, suppress, anomalous, caustic, tirade, stalwart, connoisseur, neophyte, charlatan, pundit, deleterious, innuendo, clandestine, garish, lucrative Vocabulary Spelling provides word lists, printables, and interactive games and activities that give students the opportunity to practice vocabulary for the ACT and SAT tests. Vocab Videos was originally developed to teach SAT Vocabulary and tailored around learning key SAT Vocabulary words.


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