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By pinpointing a moment or time frame of interest, you can then dig deeper into that incident and potentially come up with material for your essay.Taking a previous suggestion as an example, if you were particularly intrigued by a question in a literature discussion, then was there anything you did in response to it?For example, a Gender Studies major may have done a poster presentation on the history of feminism and now holds an appreciation for the historic roots of the movement.

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The first thing to note here is the length of the essay.

With a maximum of 150 words, it’s possible (but not necessary) to have a short introductory sentence.

(Although “work of fiction” doesn’t necessarily specify a book, it’s typically more meaningful to write about a book, as opposed to a TV show or movie, since written words leave the most room for interpretation.) You can write about a classic, but if you do, try to avoid writing about something that you’ve read from school (e.g., 1984, The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter) because it is likely that many, many others are writing about the same.

But if the only thing you’ve read (in recent memory) is a school book, choose that over something you read recreationally from long ago.

If you are a prospective mechanical engineering major who built a life-sized trebuchet in your freshman design class, feel free to write about that.

Or, if you are applying as a math major and proved from scratch the derivative rules in your pre-calculus class as an interest assignment, that would be a great topic too.

For example, The Book Thief may have cemented your understanding of the nuances of human emotions during World War II, or The Kite Runner may have introduced you to the intricacy of early 20th-century Middle Eastern conflicts.

With a relatively high word limit of up to 300, you can spend time explaining your perspective before reading the book and contrast it with your perspective afterwards.

Essentially, admissions officers are looking for a genuine academic interest sparked by a task that might have been unusual or difficult.

To begin to answer this question, first brainstorm for an activity to write about.


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