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Schools transformed into bombed-out ghost buildings, vandalized spaces, storerooms for weapons, demarcations of enemy zones and front lines.

Locked inside my house, terrified of the outside world where death could snatch you at anytime, I read endlessly, trying to continuously develop myself.

The closure of schools was a sign that something was very wrong.

One day our pens were dropped, notebooks abandoned, benches deserted.

We know what emergencies are: we have felt them on our skin, they crept into our lives, blew them away, sliced them, fragmented them.

They stole our innocence, humanity, childhood, families.This position goes on further argue that some may use wars to spread their religion.It is also asserted that ambition to be the dominant power in the world is may be another reason such as USA. As pointed out in the chart ‘WAR DEATHS per Century’ ,there were 2 million deaths because of war in 1500s,in 1600s,the number of deaths increased to 6 million. From 1700s to 1900s , there was sharp increase in the number of deaths.(1995).Around six million Jewish people were killed during World War 2 in one of history’s most terrible events – the Holocaust.Racist in his views, Hitler blamed Jewish people for Germany losing World War I and claimed they were dangerous to German people and society.chose not to join either side.Emmanuel Jal ( born in Sudan, is a hip hop singer and founder of Gua Africa, dedicated to educating children affected by war and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. I remember trying to write a book report when I heard the first gunshots of my life; sounds that no child, anywhere in the world, should ever hear.I tried hard to concentrate on my homework assignment, worried what the teacher might say the next day.Hitler wanted to create what he thought was the “best” and strongest race – and to the Nazi Party, this excluded certain groups, such as Jews, Gypsies and those with physical and mental disabilities.In an attempt to eliminate a “racial enemy” outside of Germany, such groups were also persecuted in the countries invaded by German forces.In all of our cases, conflicts stole one of our basic rights as children and young people -- the right to education.That was the first thing that went when the horrors began.


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