Ways To Revise An Essay

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TIP 4: We should keep in mind that revising involves much more than just correcting errors in The way words are put together to make meaningful sentences.punctuation.

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Often, students confuse revising with proofreading. Although looking for errors is part of the revision process, revising also involves checking the paper for organization, revising the writing style for clarity, and making sure that the essay is appropriate for the audience.

If you want those good results, give the revising and editing process the time attention it deserves. See also, the Academic Skills site workshops Academic skills online: Beginner paragraphs, Perfecting paragraphs & Academic paragraphs. Is your evidence from academic sources Are all quotes and references accurately recorded?

Before printing your draft, read through it on screen to pick up any obvious typing or spelling errors using the spell and The way words are put together to make meaningful sentences.grammar check facility on your computer.

You shouldn’t waste time carefully correcting a paper that you haven’t edited at all because you may end up discarding entire sentences and paragraphs.

Ways To Revise An Essay

Evaluate what you have written before you try to fix it.TIP 2: As a general rule, the best time to revise is not right after you’ve completed a draft (although at times this is unavoidable).Instead, wait a few hours–even a day or two, if possible–in order to gain some distance from your work.The real aim of proofreading a paper is to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar errors remaining.In an ideal situation, proofreading is done after a paper has been edited.Sometimes, it helps to get another Pronouns, possessives and verb forms are classified according to their person: i.e.first person, second person, third person.person to read it through and give you feedback too as it is often hard to ’see’ your own errors. Sometimes, they can help you to think about your spelling and The way words are put together to make meaningful sentences.paragraph. Have you overused direct quotes that could be paraphrases? If there is more than one part, have you answered each part? Does the title of the essay appear at the top of the first page? Is a list of references or a bibliography included? TIP 1: It sometimes helps if you leave it for a day or so, then read with ‘fresh’ eyes. Following are some revising and editing checklists and some procedural tips to help you focus on: Grammar checkers can be useful tools in your word processing program if you use them well. Is there enough support (paraphrases, direct quotes)? See also other Academic Skills fact sheets: Writing essays, reviews & reports Content Has the question been answered? subject, the title of the essay and the assignment number? Is single spacing used for longer quotes which are indented? Does it conform to the conventions of the referencing system used?This way you’ll be less protective of your writing and better prepared to make changes.(To find out some of the ways in which professional writers revise their work, visit the web site: Writers on Rewriting.) TIP 3: Revision means looking again at what we have written to see how we can improve it.


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