Web Service Composition Phd Thesis

Web Service Composition Phd Thesis-70
We extend the REST architecture by proposing and implementing a number of improvements to fit the special requirements of the physical world such as the need for domain-specific proxies or real-time communication.

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Thesis Download | Citation Key | Presentation News: This Ph D Thesis was awarded with an ETH Medal.

As the eternal second (although my thesis was finished first ;-P), I’m following Vlad’s great idea to make the final version of my thesis available to you, Wo Tters!

Here are some qualities I deem outstanding : I will do my best to answer your e-mail message, but I cannot guarantee to do so.

I consider applications only from students who are outstanding in some way.

Vlad and I were always pretty complementary in building our shared vision of the Web of Things.

As such, my thesis is focusing more on the “software engineering” aspects of the Web of Things.Our primary goal in bringing smart things to the Web is to facilitate their integration into composite applications.Just as Web developers and tech-savvies create Web 2.0 mashups (i.e., lightweight, ad-hoc compositions of several services on the Web), they should be able to create applications involving smart things with similar ease.Thus, in the composition layer we introduce the physical mashups and propose a software platform, built as an extension of an open-source workflow engine, that offers basic constructs which can be used to build mashup editors for the Web of Things.Finally, to test our architecture and the proposed tools, we apply them to two types of smart things.Play with it on digital-link.tools #Io T #Wo T #Digital Identities @EVRYTHNG pic.twitter.com/Nzwa K6ptd2 Very nice to see the @Hive MQ crew (which are often considered as top world experts in MQTT!) releasing an open-source version of their rock solid MQTT broker. To address these issues we propose a lightweight metadata format that search engines can understand, together with a Web-oriented discovery and lookup infrastructure that leverages the particular context of smart things.While the Web of Things fosters a rather open network of physical objects, it is very unlikely that in the future access to smart things will be open to anyone.: D #webofthings @wotbook @Manning Books pic.twitter.com/3w NPq0Zm OR @VWGroup submitted a new version of their #viwi protocol as a @w3c member submission: a spec for accessing infotainment via a #Web API, nicely fitting the #webofthings style. #Io T #Connected Cars #REST #JSON pic.twitter.com/wik O1Uw Zsy We just released a new version of with compression as specified in the current @gs1 #Digital Link 1.1 draft standard.Shorter Web IDs to support more use cases with limited tag sizes!


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