Weedy Sea Dragon Essay

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You’ll find seadragons anywhere between 6 feet (2m) and 160 feet (50 m).

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He fertilizes and carries these vibrant purple eggs for approximately four weeks before tiny, independent seadragons hatch and disperse in the water column, totally self-sufficient.

The young reach sexual maturity at just over two years old and the cycle continues.

Only about 5% of all eggs hatch into baby weedy seadragons.

Once hatched, the baby weedy seadragon is completely independent.

The weedy seadragon reaches the age of sexual maturity at about 28 months.

Just like its seahorse cousin, the male weedy seadragon cares for eggs until they hatch. The male will care for the eggs for the nine weeks until they hatch.

Photographers must get good shots of the animal side-on — both sides if possible — for identification.

After the dive, the photographs are loaded into a special marine-identification program.

The user divides groups of spots from the torso into small units, calculating the position and size of the spots in comparison to others nearby.

This, again, resembles a fingerprint point-matching system.


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