What Are Dissertations

In the case of the second of these, you will need to find a topic that is both interesting and original and that is capable of sustaining an extended argument.Taught dissertations tend to follow the subsequent structure: The second type is a dissertation that you have to research from scratch.

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Most dissertations rely on originality of approach and/or perspective rather than a completely original topic, as in most cases, especially within the Arts, these are almost impossible to find.

The best way to seek out a niche of originality is via research.

This is the major factor that will make your topic attractive and acceptable to a research committee.

Originality in a dissertation, however, need not mean coming up with an idea that has never been thought of before – though if you can do this, of course, it is definitely to your advantage!

Both theses and dissertations are papers that are assigned to graduate students.

Since they are fairly extensive papers, you'll be given a large window of time to do whichever type of paper you are assigned.When you are looking for a dissertation topic, the first thing to consider is whether or not you are sufficiently interested in the topic to sustain the research and writing of it over an extended period of time.Your underlying motivation, however, in the selection of your topic should be originality.In some cases (such as for a Ph D), you will then have to attend an oral examination (known as a ‘viva’, which is short for ‘viva voce’, from the Latin ‘with the living voice’) where you will be asked to defend your dissertation by your examiners and where, hopefully, you will be told you have been successful. In fact, the examiners can decide one of the following: UKEssays. Every topic has these and you will be familiar with them from the previous work you have done on the subject.These texts are especially useful, not only because they are basic to the subject but also because you can use the bibliographies of these texts to expand your own research.Another advantage of keeping a detailed and meticulous record of your research is that it makes your bibliography much easier to compile later; in fact, you might say that your bibliography evolves as your research does.What you are chiefly looking for as you read is a niche for your own research to fill.This means reading the basic texts first, and then moving on to the most recent work undertaken on the subject to ensure that no-one else has pre-empted your own idea – it can happen!It is important that you look at the foundation texts for your subject first.


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