What Are The Problem Solving Skills

Decision making is required in response to the question: "Which computer shall I buy?" Problem solving is needed in response to the statement: "My computer won't work".

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Even if you don’t know how to fix the problem at first, you can think about how the problem happened in the first place.

Then you can keep calm and use logic to find some good solutions.

If the problem involves people, your communication skills will come in handy, too.

Here are some activities to help you work on your problem solving skills: Take on problems you enjoy If you like video games, board games or ‘mind’ games like Sudoku you will find these often have problems that need to be approached in a logical way, with strategic planning and trial and error.

A problem occurs when something is not behaving as it should, something is deviating from the norm or something goes wrong.

Decision making is a case of choosing between different alternatives.Many of the grades you studied for, work experience you’ve done and even extra-curricular activities you’ve enjoyed have all had problems you had to think about logically in order to find a solution.Find an example of a problem you solved for each experience you’ve put on your CV.How would you go about coming up with a logical solution?If you come with more than one solution, which do you think is the best one and why?Let’s look at how to improve problem solving skills.These four phases are part of the problem solving process: What Can You Do?Problem solving forms the ‘bridge’ between these two elements.In order to close the gap, you need to understand the way things are (problem) and the way they ought to be (solution).Although there is a clear distinction between problem solving and decision making, the two are often confused.Problem solving differs fundamentally from decision making.


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