What Does The Conclusion Of A Research Paper Need

After you have restated your thesis, you should not just summarize the key points of your argument.Your conclusion should offer the reader something new to think about—or, at the very least, it should offer the reader a new way of thinking about what you have said in your paper.

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An "addressing limitations" conclusion for this paper might suggest that the apparent correlation relies on the paper's definition of "terrorism" and, since the definition is not objective, the apparent correlation might have been wrongly identified.

You can employ one of several strategies for taking your conclusion that important step further: Choose a strategy that best maintains the flow and tone of your paper while allowing you to adequately tie together all aspects of your paper.

Part of generating a thesis statement sometimes requires answering the "so what?

" conclusion might tie together threads from the body of the paper to suggest that universities are not approaching alcohol education from the most effective perspective when they focus exclusively on limiting students' access to alcohol.

To use this strategy, ask yourself, "How does my argument affect how I approach the text or issue?


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