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That evolved with a technology that we didn't even have when I was a kid.

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The only thing worse than writing an essay, was actually letting someone else read it. I'm not complete if I'm not equipped with at least one notebook and pen in my purse, ready to jot down lines of poetry at a moments notice.

And I think I've turned into some kind of showoff, because now I love to have people read my poems and essays, and watch the expressions on their faces as they read my words and feel my feelings.

It's always asked with the best intentions, to get kids to think of their future.

" It's the biggest question asked of children, from toddlers to teenagers.

Give me multiple-choice questions with definitive answers any day and I was in my glory.

To have to write, not only sentences, but paragraphs in my own words on any given subject was the most dreaded aspect of my entire educational life.Fast forward 15 years and suddenly that subject is an appealing career choice.The psychology program at ISU is listed as one of the top degree tracts in the nation.Maybe I've arrived where I am in writing because of the subliminal messages in my upbringing.The endless vocabulary lists that were memorized and recited in elementary school seemed so useless back then.Psychology is something that has interested me for a large part of my adult life.I remember taking one of those incredibly un-informative career planning quizzes in junior high school and the result being something along the lines of counseling.It wasnt like we were asked to spell these words - just memorize them.But now, I realize the value of having so many words at my disposal.And, my parents were always reading, whether it was the evening news or books from the library.No Sunday was complete without Mom sitting in the kitchen with her cup of coffee, diligently working the crossword puzzle in the morning paper.


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