What Makes A Good Citizen Essay

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Will Davidson Grade 6I think I can be a good citizen by doing many things, but some very important things are helping the community and my school to pick up trash that has been left or littered on the ground.

Another way to be a good citizen at home is by conserving water when brushing my teeth. When I take a shower, I should take a shorter time to conserve water.

Don’t just think that if you are at home, you can break the rules, because the same rules should apply everywhere.

Chad Lagana Grade 6Second Place I think something I can do to be a good citizen is help an elderly person when I see one crossing the street.

This demonstrates good citizenship and it helps the environment.

You can also show good citizenship by listening in classroom, helping your classmates, and respecting others.In the classroom, you have to show responsibility by doing your homework on time, or listening and following directions. Make sure you are not bothering anybody while messing around or playing at the park.At home, you should always do your chores and listen to your parents.When you are in school, the community and at home, you should respect other people’s property by not damaging it.Another way to display good citizenship to be a leader and stop someone who is doing something bad or report it to authorities.Jonathan Ortin Grade 6You can show good citizenship at school by respecting your teacher and cooperating with others.Another way you can be a good citizen is by helping those in need at school, home and everywhere.custom_print_text=Printcustom_print_icon=custom_email_text=Emailcustom_email_icon=hide_signup=oncustom_signup_text=Sign Up for Our Email Newslettercustom_signup_icon=custom_comment_text=Commentcustom_comment_icon=widgetid=1117_contentcell_width=660_contentcell_height=36x=11y=241width=660height=36" style="overflow: hidden; position: absolute; left: 11px; top: 45px; width: 660px; height: 36px;"First Place To be a good citizen anywhere you have to be a good person.That means showing respect, having a good attitude or just helping out. Don’t just throw your trash in the street, find a trash can and use it.I could help clean up supplies and help clean up the classroom after school.At home, I could be a good citizen by helping my mom around the house.


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