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My doctors tell me my growth was caught early and I'll be fine.

Soon I will barely notice that a fifth of my lung is gone. After all, I'm at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

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Wolf Blitzer: A lot at stake, potentially for the planet. I bet they don’t even know what was in the agreement. Oren Cass: Paris Accord was somewhere between a farce and a fraud.

Stossel: Manhattan Institute senior fellow Oren Cass is one of the few people who’ve actually read the Paris Agreement and also the commitment set in by every country.

Cass: You don’t even have to mention greenhouse gases in your commitment if you don’t want to.

You send you in any piece of paper you want, we’re gonna staple them all together, and we’re gonna call that the Paris Accord.

Of course it’s true that the United States produces twice as much greenhouse gas per person as China and India, so isn’t it on us to do more? decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement Stossel: President Obama said, “This administration joins a handful of nations that reject the future.” Cass: If the future is worthless climate agreements that everyone goes to Paris to talk about, then first of all that’s a very sad future, and it’s one that we should be proud to reject.

Cass: Even if we zeroed out our emissions tomorrow and the future of climate change is still a question of what happens in China and India. Stossel: When Trump said he was leaving the Paris Accord, he was trashed by politicians across the world.


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