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Novel Characters The male protagonist in the novel is Jack Gladney who is founder and a professor of Hitler studies at the educational institution named College-on-the-Hill (Delillo 1-326). But only human beings received the burden of consciousness, of awareness, and, consequently, fear of death.

Jack and Babette, at the heart of their fears, brood over the most unpleasant (Bloom 2003, 209): “What if.....difficult to cope with the harsh economic conditions that exist in the “white world” they are living in and some of them resort to things like shoplifting.

Some of the people resort to homosexuality in order to gain money for their survival.

Jack even refers to family as the “cradle of the world’s misinformation” (De Lillo 81).

In White Noise, De Lillo shows how technology is changing the inner experience of human beings, through waves and radiation. At one point, Jack says, “His skin was a color that I want to call, flesh-toned.” We are moving toward a postmodern mentality....

The main character is Jack who narrates the story in an easy paced descriptive way, whereas the tone in the story Brave New World is much dramatic and the narrator is not......

English An Intuitive Scrutiny of the White Noise The White Noise is a novel written by Don Delillo 326).

Just like in White Noise, it can be seen that Paris is burning is also concerned with addressing the issue of poverty in this world which has become consumerist. ‘White Noise’......" What are the various manifestations of "White Noise " in the novel of the same and how are its manifestations specially related to the fear of death that is another major theme of the novel.

However, the rich and affluent people can survive in this world if they have the money while the poor people often find it difficult to make ends meet. The fear of death is a major theme in Don Delillo's novel "white noise".

She is a perfect target for offensive commercials from the television, shopping malls and advertisements.

She does not read the warning tags and shows a lack of interest in calorie values.


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