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A total of 100 questionnaires were sent out asking “Why did you choose teaching as a career choice?

We get to build a classroom all our own, make bulletin boards, and so much more.Its rewarding to know that you are helping others constantly.2. Personally I think working with kids is much better than working with adults. Kids are open to speaking their minds, being silly, and make the work day so much more interesting.3. At the end of the day you know that you will always come home with some funny story to tell about your students.Sure sometimes students act out and can be exasperating, but no two days in the classroom are exactly alike.So I will share with you a few of the main reasons many people, including myself want to become a teacher.1.I Know that everyday I will be making an impact on someone's life In how many other fields of work can you say that?The simplest things make them happy, like coloring or recess.Being around them reminds me that I shouldn’t always take everything so seriously, and that I too should stop and take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life.10.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.As a teacher you know that everyday you are helping to mold and shape your students lives in some small way.You are constantly helping to broaden their minds, so that they can think in new ways.


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