Why Books Should Be Banned Essay

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Adolescents are reading more books than of all time now.

and some people say that we have Harry Potter to thank.

and yet now parents are bespeaking that their kids do non larn what certain books have to offer in the manner of cognition. But if libraries and schools merely hear one group’s side of the narrative they are more likely to censor the book. In some instances those voting on the result haven’t read the book.

The procedure of censoring a book seems at first to be simple. If the book is banned what illustration are schools puting for the pupils? Would it be right to non learn anyone about Hitler?

I personally have learned a whole lot from reading, and the books I have read have taught me great lessons. the reasons books are being banned is because they contain] violence,racism,offensive language,sexually explicit content,” but are these books really that bad, or are they just teaching children/teens about real life?

People ban books from classrooms because they believe children/teen books are, as said by The Hub, “[. The very topicsthat these books are being banned for are topics that have been silenced over the years.

Send it back to the proper section for reevaluation. They are labeling something inappropriate based on their beliefs or the beliefs of one individual.

And this is sabotaging the individual’s pick to read the book.

1984 by George Orwell was banned because it was pro-communist.

The Lord of the Ringss by JRR Tolkien was banned for being ‘satanic.


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