Why Should We Respect Our Elders Essay

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The concept is contemporary and connected to today’s problem which makes our speech unique and impressive.Respected Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students!I have been associated with this organization for the last 10 years, since its inception.

Today’s children are the future of our nation and thus they must ensure that people across the world respect India.

There is no specific definition of the term ‘respect’ nor is there any formula that would help you respect others. But at times, we come across such people whom we must show respect without expecting anything in return. if you are sitting while traveling in a public transport and you come across a disabled person; you must show respect and offer your seat to that person.

But that doesn’t allow anyone to disrespect our Indian culture.

Indian culture is the oldest and one of the richest in the world.

And, this respect is earned through our noble deeds and actions.

While it is important that we respect everyone we meet in our lives, it is equally important that we perform such deeds that can help us earn respect.First of all, thank you for being a part of this celebration.We have gathered here to celebrate the annual day of our school and like every year, we will try our best to make this celebration the most memorable for all of you.Respect is a feeling of appreciation or admiration towards an individual, group, community or a specific action and behavior.It is important in our society today that we give respect to others in order to gain respect from them.I would also like to thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to host the program.As you all know our school is highly recognized on the international platform and it is one the top 10 schools in the state.It shows the honor and kindness shown by a person towards others.It is very important that we respect each other for bringing harmony in the society and always remember that respect cannot be demanded, but earned.I would also urge each of the students of this school to cultivate respect for others.Respect as you all know is an encouraging feeling of admiration for an individual or entity.


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